- Customer Loyalty -

Intelligent eCommerce marketing that drives customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Foresight’s marketing functionality enables the delivery of tailored experiences regardless of scale. Create and fine-tune promotional activity that increases the average order value and improves customer loyalty.


Offer your customers the added convenience of subscription purchases. Subscription functionality benefits both you and your customers: Customers enjoy an improved experience, fulfilment becomes more efficient, and customer Lifetime value increases.

Points and Rewards

Use a customizable points and rewards strategy to increase customer lifetime value. Foresight’s solution makes everything from one-off promotions to strategic behavioural rewards possible.

Unfamiliar with how to structure points and rewards to encourage customer behaviour? Work with us to develop and implement a strategy that aligns with your brand and target audience.

Tiered membership

Tiered customer membership is a great way to encourage positive buyer habits. By studying existing data, we learn what your customers value, customizing your membership requirements and rewards to increase customer loyalty.
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