- Omnichannel eCommerce (POS) -

Centralised management of offline and online

What we offer:

Deliver a single customer journey regardless of channel, capturing a complete picture of consumer data that fuels your promotional strategies.

Centralised management of offline and online

Foresight handles the process of integrating with real stores or 3rd party systems. The result is a single cloud-based portal for comprehensive management.

Omnichannel eCommerce through POS integration

We integrate with the POS system of your choice, whether you already have one in place or are implementing a new one. Making it quick and simple to sell to more customers, collect their information and use promotions to keep them coming back.

Harness the power of points, rewards and promotions with POS

Combining Foresight's marketing solution with an integrated POS system provides powerful data-driven promotional capabilities. Foresight assists in the creation of tired points and reward systems that communicate instantly with your brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce website. Unsure how to create a promotions strategy? We're here to help design and implement a tailored strategy and support you throughout the process.
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