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Workflow automation that removes repetitive tasks

What we offer:

Foresight is here to turn manual tasks into automated workflows, increasing productivity and eliminating human error. We’ll help you focus on the work that drives results while we automate the rest.

Workflow management

Foresight works with you to automate day-to-day operational tasks. Allowing you to focus on growing your business. Our flexible workflow solutions reduce repetitive tasks, streamline resources, and reduce your operational costs.

Already know what you wish to automate, let’s talk about your options. Interested in generally reducing repetitive eCommerce tasks? Through understanding your business, we will provide you with opportunities to optimize your operations.

Order management

Foresight offers an enterprise inventory management solution that is flexible, adapting to your unique approach. We work with you to configure our proprietary infrastructure to your processes to automate any repetitive tasks.

Automate the management of orders coming from multiple sales channels and going to multiple fulfilment options. Any additional management can be done from your designated cloud-based portal.

Intelligent marketing

At Foresight, we believe customer experience is at the heart of eCommerce. Our advanced marketing solution allows for automated behaviour-based communication at scale. Create and fine-tune personalized communication for promotion and nurturing strategies. Leading to a customer journey that consistently delivers increased average order value and customer loyalty.
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