Our process

1, Requirements gathering

Through structured conversation, we understand your current status, objectives and requirements. This process allows us to define any risks, costs and opportunities. Ultimately, shaping your replatforming project.

2, Recieve a detailed proposal

Foresight delivers a proposal including detailed recommendations based on your goals, compromises, customisations, technologies and other assessments.

Outsourced project management

Wish to outsource the project fully? Foresight can take the lead, managing internal and external teams. We ensure your replatforming project runs on time and on budget.

Ongoing advisory / An extension of your team

Prefer to handle the project in-house? We are flexible, working as an extension of your team on an ongoing basis. Our modular approach to services allows you to control how we adapt to fit your business needs. 

Our modular approach

Our services are modular. You can choose one or more services depending on your specific needs and existing project resources. We work to complement your existing team’s capabilities.

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